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Stop..Drop..And Roll..?

Hey...so our first show sucked. Ben wasn't playing rythm because he was at some wind surfing competition. Some kid Dan played for us instead and he sucked. He was so bad and no one could hear Justin's harmonics because of this kids distortion. Whatever, I'm over it, we will do a whole lot better next time.

Well, on www.purevolume.com/ourmaliciouscircumstance we have some acoustic instrumentals that will soon have vocals put to them. Also we are recording Swandive vs. Pavement in a short while. We are also working on two new songs that should be finished soon. Hopefully after they are done and with them all recorded we can have a five song demo for you guys and start playing alot more shows.

Well, I am out for now. Keep updated with us and hopefully you won't be disappointed.

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